Stress free renovations

Stress free renovations

Having a renovation project for your home is never easy.

Creating the home of your dreams need not be tedious. It can be overwhelming, as strangers are coming in and out of your house every day.

It can be frustrating when some of the fixtures you have chosen are not readily available.

No matter what though, keep your cool.

In this two part article, we highlight ways on how you can go easier on yourself while your home is undergoing renovations.

1. Understand that this is just a renovation project. The results will only be as good as your input, budget and contractor.

Your home will not be dramatically transformed after the renovation.

There are possibilities and potentials, but you have to know the space limitations and even other limitations such as your plumping and electric wiring set-up.

2. Plan a proper budget for your renovation project. Once you have an ironclad budget plan, add 10% to that as a buffer. Then visit showrooms and see how far this budget will get you. Note that labor and material costs need careful calculations. Nail down what you want to avoid complications that'll only stress you out more.

3. You need to find a very good and reliable contractor. Whether they're sourced from online or physical directories, ensure they have a good portfolio to show you and come with good reviews or feedback from previous clients.


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