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NRIs Guide to Buying Property in India the Easy Way

  An NRI or a Non-Resident Indian can buy, property in India with ease. It’s not as complex and time-consuming as it used to be earlier, now with the help of Nimmadhi you can get all that you need doing within a few days! First, you get an insight into what property an NRI can buy, what documents are needed, how to fund the purchase, how joint ownership works, taxes for NRI property in India, POA, and all the services Nimmahi provides NRI customers who are looking to buy property in India . What property can an NRI buy in India   To buy residential or commercial property in India is pretty easy once you have your funds sorted out. But it’s important to note that an NRI has to get special permission from the RBI and the government if they are looking to buy agricultural land, plantation property or a farm house in India. Documentation that an NRI needs to buy property in India           The good part is that you don’t need to show too many documents when you are look

Happy Living in Rental House

one of our long-term tenants has given a valuable review about our services. We address issues reported to us by client or tenant on time without any hesitation.We take this opportunity to thank our team without whose efforts such accomplishments cannot be received. Our sincere gratitude for the tenant in sharing their priceless feedback regarding Nimmadhi's service and assistance.