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How To Rent Your Property Out Faster – A Guide

Renting your property out is, by and large, a compromise between finding the right tenant and getting the right rental value. This makes the process a long drawn affair with time spent between brokers, meeting multiple tenant prospects and many rounds of negotiations leading to a loss of rental income for that period. These factors, although unavoidable, can be expedited by nimmadhi taking care of a few important points. The rental process Nimmadhi Quote an optimal rental amount Nimmadhi reviews your property against those in nearby localities. And compares rent how long such properties are vacant. Weigh out the pros and cons of your property in terms of access to transport, shops and other amenities. Set your expectations with an upper and a lower limit based on these factors, but remember to take into account the negotiation stages of the deal. We  Market your property EVERYWHERE Many home owners just post their property listings on a few portals and

Retire On Rent

​ And spend your days on an exotic beach? Sounds too good to be true, eh? It need not be. It’s very possible to achieve this with the right strategy and planning. Let’s consider the event of “retirement”. There are 2 ways to “retire”, which is considered a time where we stop actively working to earn an income.  This first way is to build up a corpus, so we can live on our savings. The challenge here is to know how much we may need, and for how many years we may live, especially given rising prices, medical costs, and longevity trends. The second option is to build up streams of passive income. Rental income is the surest form of passive income, where not only do the rental returns increase over time, your capital (property value) also increases, especially in a country like India. Its also one of the most safest forms of investment. Earlier, the stock market helped you retire. But you never really have full control of your investment. It’s often said “Try buying a stock bel