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Nimmadhi Services

Property Management (Rent out and Manage your Property) Testimonials    from Property Clients: Our Services ·           Making the property  rent-able ·          Find a suitable tenant ·          Assist with legal, police and society formalities ·          Rent and security deposit collection from tenant ·          Handle rental issues and concerns from owner ·          Assist with payment of utility bills ·          Handle tenant extensions and agreement renewals ·          Manage tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages Why Nimmadhi? ·          Only professional end-to-end property management service company setup by ex-NRIs ·          Expertise in all aspects of managing a property effectively– legal, financial, tax and maintenance ·          5 year track record in managing properties of NRIs Our Fees: ·          Our fees for managing a property depends upon the location, level of furnishing and size of the property. ·      

How title insurance can help home-buyers

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016 (RERA) came in to force a little more than a year ago. A lot has been said about how in the last one year not much has been achieved by it. However, there is one good thing that has been introduced by RERA-title insurance. The Act mandates the purchase of title insurance for all new and ongoing property developments registered with the regulatory body.  HDFC Ergo, a general insurance company, has recently launched 'Title Insurance Policy', a first of its kind product in the private insurance segment in India. Essentially, it provides indemnity to developers and the subsequent owners of the property against losses and risks related to defects in the title arising out of third-party challenges.  Now, before we tell you what title insurance covers, here is a look at why there is a need for such a product.  Dispute due to title of property  A big worry among home-buyers, especially now, is the delay in getting pos

Top 5 reasons to switch to intelligent home security

Gated communities that have jumped on the bandwagon of intelligent home security have realized their perks at multiple levels. Lets’ delve into the top five in this article. It was not too long ago when the great Indian dreams was that of owning an immaculate bungalow surrounded by a sprawling compound and manicured lawns. But try to sell that dream to middle-class urban –dwellers today and they will likely wave it away in an instant. The new breed of tenants that largely consist of pensioners and millennial are migrating away from isolated homes in search of a sense of community and security. They find that sweet spot in the folds of gated communities that are quickly burgeoning across top metropolitan cities. Thought gated communities are rapidly growing in popularity’ they also come with their fair share of challenges. A typical apartment complex with 400-500 units will likely experience a daily footfall of 1000-1,200 in the form of delivery services, in-bound visitor v