Nimmadhi Services

Property Management (Rent out and Manage your Property)
Testimonials  from Property Clients:

Our Services
·         Making the property rent-able
·         Find a suitable tenant
·         Assist with legal, police and society formalities
·         Rent and security deposit collection from tenant
·         Handle rental issues and concerns from owner
·         Assist with payment of utility bills
·         Handle tenant extensions and agreement renewals
·         Manage tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages
Why Nimmadhi?
·         Only professional end-to-end property management service company setup by ex-NRIs
·         Expertise in all aspects of managing a property effectively– legal, financial, tax and maintenance
·         5 year track record in managing properties of NRIs
Our Fees:
·         Our fees for managing a property depends upon the location, level of furnishing and size of the property.
·         We quote you the exact fees after seeing your property.


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