Things To Consider When Looking At Homes For Rent

There are many factors to consider before you sign a lease on a rental home with the hot rental market; it is easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of available homes for rent. Don't lose sight of some of the important factors that can make or break your satisfaction with your rental home. 
One of the first things to take into consideration is the area in which the home is located. Do you like the area? Your choice in neighborhood may be dictated by a landmark you wish to be close to. Maybe you want to be near work or have easy access to your favorite recreation area or entertainment. Whatever your reason for choosing a particular area, it’s important to make sure you are comfortable with the location of a home you are considering. Once you’ve found a property you’re considering, try driving by the property three different times: once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night to ensure that the area surrounding your prospective home is to your liking. 
Next, do you want to live in a single family home, or a condo or town home? One of the biggest benefits to choosing a single family home is privacy. There are no shared walls and your closest neighbor is a lawn away. However, a condo or town home offers security in knowing that there are other people close by. For those living alone for the first time, having the comfort of closer quarters may be perfect. Also, for those without green thumbs, a condo or town home can offer freedom from yard work. Not to mention, there will likely be less interior maintenance than with a single family home since condos and town homes tend to be smaller spaces. 
 Once you’ve determined what area you want to be in and what kind of home you want, you can start your search for your perfect home within those parameters. When you go out to view a particular home, here are some things to take into consideration: 
 When you go for a showing, be sure to bring a measuring tape and have a record of the sizes of your furniture. Take the time to measure the spaces where you would want to place your furniture. Will everything fit? 
 On the other hand, is the space so large that your belongings won't be able to fully furnish the space? Will you want to buy pieces to accommodate the empty space? 
 Next, take into consideration the layout of electrical outlets as well as the placement of the cable, internet hook up and phone jack. The placement of these outlets will play a major role in the placement of your furnishings. Make sure you are comfortable with that configuration and know exactly how you will arrange your belongings to get the most out of your tech. 

 There’s more to decorating than the placement of your furnishings though. Make sure you ask about the decorating policy for the home. Making sure you have an understanding of the decorating policy for the rental you are interested in will prevent disappointment down the road when you want to make your new home more cozy and to your taste. 
 Another area of concern is storage. When you are checking out a prospective new home, make sure you look at all the available storage. If you have a lot of items to store, looking for ample closet space, or even a basement, might be just the ticket. 
 Beyond interior storage, will you be needing exterior storage? For those with multiple vehicles, remember to take parking into consideration. Does the home you are considering have sufficient parking for all of your vehicles? Some neighborhoods have rules concerning street parking. Likewise, if you are looking at a condo or town home, parking may be limited. If you have any doubts about a home’s ability to accommodate your vehicles, make sure to get clarification on the parking regulations at the property. 
 A single family home often offers a lovely yard. As you view a potential new home, make sure to have a good look at the yard. Are you willing and able to mow it? Are there a lot of trees in the yard? They are attractive to look at, but they will provide plenty of leaves to rake in the fall. Does the yard have any special features, like a garden? If so, you will want to ask if you will be responsible to maintain it. 

 Finally, when choosing a new rental home you will want to verify the maintenance policy for the home. In particular you will want to find out how emergency maintenance is handled. This is especially important when renting a home through an individual rather than a property management firm. One of the biggest benefits of renting through a property management firm, like Nimmadhi Properties, is that you can rest assured that any time you need assistance with maintenance, whether it’s an emergency or not, we will be here for you to swiftly address your maintenance concerns. Often times, when leasing through an individual, maintenance can become a challenge, and the issues in the home may not be resolved as quickly as possible. Finding out the maintenance policy early will help you to determine if a home is a good fit for you, and potentially avoid problems in the future.     
 In the end, it is extremely important to ask questions. Never assume that updates or changes will be made to the property. If you have a specific concern, or you’re looking for something in particular in a rental home, ask about it! By asking lots of questions, you can make certain that the home you are considering is really the perfect fit for you.



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