New Breed of Professionals

We need more clarity in India as far as Real Estate/Property laws are concerned. Property owners are a NEW BREED of professionals who are frequently compelled to travel/transfer to other cities or countries. This is a relatively new situation that requires the services of PROFESSIONALS to manage and maintain the vacant properties as well as arrange for tenants. 

The archaic property laws need to be re-visited and provision made for REGULATIONS pertaining to validity of MANAGEMENT CONTRACTS. In the present system it is mandatory for a POWER OF ATTORNEY to be used in all property transactions making it cumbersome and time consuming, especially for people who are living in far away places like USA, UK, etc. 

A simple "CONTRACT" between Property Manager and Landlord should be made VALID for Tenancy agreements. Anyway, it seems to be a turning point in the real estate market that a NEW BREED OF PROFESSIONALS are coming up with innovative services - we hope the legal system will also keep pace with the new trends.


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