Moving? How About A Few Tips to Move With Ease

Moving? How About A Few Tips to Move With Ease.

We all dread the terrible, headache causing move, don't we? 

I know I do. That's why I try to stay in my apartments as long as I can before needing to move anywhere else. Plus, its kind of fun to get to know the management team, neighbors, and the neighborhood. None the less though, from time to time as Apartmentites we have to move. Whether the reason is a good one or a bad one, the time comes for us to move on to hopefully bigger and better places.

If you are moving now or planning one in the future, remember these simple tips that will help ease the pain of a tough move:

Walk Through- Make sure that you schedule a time with your community's management to walk through your apartment and inspect it for damages or any other costs that may come out of your security deposit. Remember that it is always better to talk about things in person than over the phone. Hopefully you filled out and kept up with your move in sheet that they more than likely had you fill out that showed damages and such upon your move in. You shouldn't be held responsible if the damage was there when you moved in and this sheet can help you prove that case.

Do A Floor Check- We all know that floors can be dirty at move in, so be sure to check your new apartments carpet to make sure it doesn't need any additional cleaning before move in.

Mark Your Boxes and Rooms- If you hire movers, its always a great idea to mark each box with a piece of tape that displays the room that it belongs in. You should also do this to the furniture. Then in your new apartment, put marked tape with the correct room name in each of the rooms so the movers get all the right stuff in the right places.

Fridges and Other Appliances- Make sure to clean very well your refrigerator before you leave and do a spot check on the new one before you start stocking it with food. It will be much easier to clean the new one if it needs it before you put stuff in. You'll also want to double check that all other appliances are clean and at your old apartment you didn't leave any dishes in the dishwasher or clothes in the dryers, etc.

Moving Day- Remember that you have neighbors at both places, so on moving day make sure to be understanding of that fact. Don't leave trash all around, don't block parking spaces, and whatever you not bang around and try to move a lot of stuff late into the night...and yes you night owls...9 PM is too late to be making noise and moving stuff. Do your moving during the day when noone can be bothered.

Make a Pack- Be sure to have packed yourself a kit of the essentials that you will need upon first moving into your apartment. These things include: lightbulbs, scissors, hammer, paper towels/toilet paper, a general cleaning product, and some snacks including bottled water.

Biils- I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again...make sure all of your utilities have fully been transfered over so everything is ready to go in your new apartment when you get there. Nothing stinks worse than having to wait a week for someone to come out and turn on your cable, internet, or even electricity.

There are a ton of tips that can you get into your new place quicker and with ease, so if you know of any that have helped you in moves past...let me know in a comment. Share with your fellow Apartmentite's and don't leave them out in the cold.


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