Top 6 tips to disaster proof your home

In a country like india where natural disasters such as earthquake and floods are on a rise, it is important to be prepared in advance to deal with the crisis when it actually happens. Nimmadhi shares some tips that will help you protect your home during a disaster.

A natural disaster is a demolishing event that can cause severe damage to your life and home. Although, not much can be done to prevent a natural disaster, people can take steps to reduce its impact on themselves and their property. This will not only prevent your property from excessive damage, but it may ensure your family’s safety.

Inspect your home

A well- timed and thorough assessment of your home before the disaster is not a bad idea. It is advisable to have a professional inspect your home, including your substructure and landscaping to get an idea of the repairs and fixes you need to make to withstand against a natural disaster like an earthquake or floods.

Carry out repairs

A thorough investigation of your home can make you aware of the damages you need to fix before an impending disaster hits. Anything defective in your home will break quickly in a natural disaster. Before a disaster takes you by surprise, repairs the foundation of your home can ceilings as they make your home more vulnerable to damage. Repair low-grade wiring and gas leaks as they can cause fire.

Check emergency equipment

No one knows your home as you do. Hence, it is important that you are aware about the gas, electric, and water shut-off locations so that you can clear the areas in front and switch off quickly in case a disaster strikes. Make sure that your home is equipped with a least one fire extinguisher, preferably in the kitchen.

For those who have smoke detectors at their homes, it is advisable to change the batteries on an annual basis and test them after.

Shield your home

Strong and powerful winds can further damage the cracks and holes in your house presenting the risk of collapse. High winds pose a bigger threat to damage valuable belongings at your home.  Investing a little money in accessories like heavy metal doors and storm/wind-resistant can provide an additional support in disaster- proofing your home. These solid shutters not only guard your home from getting destroyed by strong winds and rain but also keep your home in one piece without damage.

Get your home insured

Most people do not think about home insurance when they buy a home. A home insurance policy acts as an important backup in case things go wrong . “In order to product your home against disaster, one should keep his/her home insurance policy active”,  Those who already have a home insurance policy should make sure to find out what all things are covered under the same. Most of the standard home insurance policy covers:

-Replacement Cost: For instance, you live in an independent house and it is badly affected by floods. In this case, the insurance company will compensate you for constructing the house again. However, most companies don’t compensate in case of an earthquake.

  -Market value: Suppose you stay in an apartment on the thirteenth floor of a fifteen-Storey  tall tower and it gets damaged by an earthquake. In this case, the insurance company will pay you the original cost of the apartment when it was brought. But if only the floor apartments are affected by the earthquake, the company will not pay you for anything.


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