Make Your homes monsoon ready

It has been a harsh summer, but monsoons are right around the corner to save us from the scorching is the ideal time to sit indoors and enjoy the glorious view.

Through the rains bring in a new ease of life in nearly everything, with it also comes humidity, seepage, patches on the  all, sewage blocks and others problems. Homeowners must be weary of the damage and understand how to combat such situations. Here are some ways in which you can protect your home during the rains:

Clean Wooden Furniture

Begin with using a dry cloth to wipe wooden furniture. The high level  of moisture in the air can damage furniture. Cleaning agents designed explicitly for wooden furniture can be used. Change your house decor to keep the wooden furniture away from any leaks or windows to protect it from water and any damage.

Water-proofing walls
In addition to furniture, Walls must also be saved from the accumulation of water, Damp walls can impact the health of the inhabitants. sing paints with water-proof technologies is advisable, often paints without protection against water can lead to leakages. Using a basecoat on wall makes a big difference, its thick, elastic, super protective film coat covers cracks and blocks water.

Fungal and algal protection
Formation of fungus is also a cause of concern; thus, houses must be well-ventilated. Allowing the room and furniture to breathe. As fungus and mould grow in humid spaces, fresh air will take away their source of growth. Using  paints with fungal proof technologies is also essential. They resist the formation of  fungal patches and black spots. This is essential for exteriors, as they are prone to algal and fungal attacks. To   be extra careful, a good quality sealant can be used to apply on the walls.

Protection from dust
The wind before the rain beings in a lot of dust, the accumulation of which can wreak havoc. Roll away the carpets from the houses: these are magnets for dust mites. Bedding and sheets must also be cleaned regularly to prevent the same. Furniture must be cleaned with precision from top to bottom. Walls can be protected by using clear paints which resist dust and lock the surface by making it non-porous. Primer paints can also be used to prevent alkali and efflorescence attack.

Save your roof

Roof tiles get the most affected during the season and should be treated with a solution to close gaps and prevent leaks. Tiles can also be protected  with a coat of active water repellency technology. Such agents form a thin but continues layer that does not allow water to permeate the paint film. It can be stressful to keep your home clean and dry during the monsoon. However ,bright walls,wind chimes, comfy corners with warm colored duvets and new fragrances can pep up your house making them monsoon ready.


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