Nimmadhi Honors the Supercop of Chennai -Mr.Kumar Head Constable

Nimmadhi Honors the Supercop of Chennai 

(Mr.Kumar Head Constable Sholinganallur)

Nimmadhi Honors Mr.Kumar Head Constable

Nimmadhi is proud to  honor Mr. Kumar, the traffic Supercop of Chennai for his 20 years of commendable services. Mr. Kumar has been one among those dedicated Traffic Officer who not only perform his duties 24X7 but also ensures safety to many lives while monitoring traffic and educate road users.

Mr. Kumar is also entrusted to direct and divert traffic assists the drivers in getting their vehicles to the side of the road, takes reports of the incident, ensures that tow trucks are on their way, and in this case, with all of this broken glass, also closes down part of the road and directs traffic until a cleanup crew arrives. Ensuring safety of lives is not an easy job. Where alertness is important, dedication to manage every object of traffic is equally  a requirement. With the increasing number of vehicles in the country, the traffic has taken a toll. Today, traffic jam and accidents are normal, but what stands important, is the security of  many lives.

As a safety educator, our traffic cops from the traffic rules  that regulates every individual using vehicle and improve the traffic safety. These regulations are build over the time and amended as and when needed in order to maintain the timely flow of traffic. However, if we witness the  traffic violations performed in the due course of time, a rapid decrease is witnessed. Following these traffic rules must be seen as a social responsibility and fights the disorder.

Our traffic cop other than managing the vehicles and the traffic also takes initiatives to  check on the seat belt, overtaking at intersections, over speeding, wrong parkings, abuse of horns and headlamps at night. We all know in any aspect safety stands to be an important factor and therefore each one of us must take measures and follow methods to save lives, because life is precious.



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